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The Midwest TrailGaiters Club is comprised of gaited horse enthusiasts. Our goal is to create a working knowledge of gaited horses, promote gaited horse breeds, and to educate our members.

Browse our website to find our scheduled rides for the year.  Our rides are typically held over Friday through Sunday weekends.  Do you love to camp and ride your gaited horse on trail rides?   Join us for fun and camaraderie!

Our group currently consists of gaited horse riders from Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri and Wisconsin. At $10 per single membership, you can see that this is not a money-making club. We are here to bring people with similar interests together.  We offer a gathering where members can make new friends; learn more about horses and gaited horse issues; promote the gaited breeds; and well, have the opportunity to ride with other gaited horses. If you know of anyone who might be interested or might benefit from being a part of a gaited horse club and the support we offer as a club, please feel free to tell him/her about the club. It’ll be the best $10 he/she will spend this year!

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